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1 year ago

"I love Batman, but I hate Superman because he’s such a douche"

  1. pashy said: But how is Superman a douche? :S Specially if people compare him to the Batdouche
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  3. lauriejuspeczyk said: one of my boyfriends friends said this to me one time and I was like “How is he a douche” and he was like “He has no flaws” and I said “Oh, so you don’t know anything about him at all.” and now I think that guy has a vendetta against me oops
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    i dont unerstan d i
  5. murdererbyproxy said: yeah ok cause batman hits his robins frequently and last time I checked supes never does anything like that AND IN FACT IS REALLY TORN WHEN HE HAS TO FIGHT HIS LOVED ONES
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